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Electronic Music Styles: House : Hi-NRG

The name "Hi-NRG" comes from the Evelyn Thomas's Disco hit, "High Energy", produced by Ian Levine. Hi-NRG is typified by an energetic staccato sequenced synthesizer sound where the bass often takes the place of the hi-hat. There is often heavy use of the clap sound found on drum machines. During 1984 the music began to crossover into the mainstream pop charts in the United Kingdom, largely due to the success of the Record Shack record label.

Record Shack also enjoyed chart success with tracks by Break Machine and an unlikely comeback single by Eartha Kitt ("Where Is My Man", 1984). Stock Aitken Waterman were Hi-NRG producers at the start of their career, working with Divine and Hazell Dean, and producing the most successful Hi-NRG track, Dead Or Alive's "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)", which reached number one in the UK. Hi-NRG was largely superseded by house music but still enjoys an underground following, usually in the form of Hi-NRG versions of mainstream pop hits.

House Sub-Genres:

Acid house
Chicago house
Deep house
French house
Freestyle house
Funky house
Ghetto house
Hard house
Hip house
Italo disco
Italo house
Minimal house/Microhouse
Pumpin' house
Progressive house/Tribal house
Tech house

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